onsdag 10 november 2010

World of Minecraft

On the forums there is a guy making a big project right now. He's make the Stormwind harbour! Alot of you probably know what Stormwind is, but if you don't I can tell you that it's the Humans capital in World of Warcraft. And he's made some great process since I last check his thread.

In the early development

A peice of Stormwind the city is added

Added a few boats with sails and everything!

And here are some more of the city added aswell as some balistas and such

It's a far from finished project, but I'm always amazed of the details and gigantic sizeing of theese things people build. I remember some video I saw of someone building Minas Tirith on a server. This huge city on the the side of a mountain. And if I remember correctly they even built the white tree at the very top of the city. Awesome stuff, totaly awesome. Oh! and don't forget the Starship Enterprise that someone was building. I wonder if he ever finished it...

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