lördag 20 november 2010

Two useful programs/mods

I was surfin' around the world wide web just now and found two new programs/mods (what ever you'd like to call it) that I think alot of people will find useful!

The first one is a mod that gives you the Minecraft wikipedia accessible directly ingame! It's called Kubik
On THIS site you can read a little about it and if you scroll down I little you will find the installation button.

The other mod is a mod where you can design your house outside of the acual game. If you have ever used the redstone simulator you will see that it looks alot like it. You can make yourself a drawing of a house and then make a 3D model of so you can see exactly how it would look ingame! You can download this MInecraft structure planner HERE,

Here are two pictures of how you draw you building, and how it would look in 3D.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the Minecraft Structure Planner is still in active development, and has had a lot of functionality added since your original post. If you'd like to find out more about the application, please pay us a visit at http://minecraftstructureplanner.com.