fredag 26 november 2010

Notch is recruiting

First off, yesterday became yet another slow day, I didn't have any energy to do anything really, quite frustrating.

Anyway, today notch posted a message on his blog, it's written in swedish and is about that Mojan needs to hire more people. But I'll try to translate it for those of you who doesn't speak swedish.

We are recruiting!
Hi! We are three people working at the office now. In a few days we will be five, and in the bigining of january we'll be a crew of 6 people. But it's not enough! plans emerge, visions grow, and things that has to be done is put in a pile, so we need to hire more people.
If you'd like to work with us and qualify for any of roles below, send an email to Daniel and the CEO that starts to work in january will be keeping a close eye on the email.

It's a fulltime job here at our office in the southern parts of stockholm(södermalm). Swedish is the main language, but it's not problem if you don't know it as long as you know english. We seek personal with the right experiance and right personality that we think can contribute to make the games better. The workplace is relaxed so it's important that you can take iniatives on your own.

Job 1: Frontpage developer (Is that what it's called in english?)
Java servlets, javascript, css, templating, some database, some design. We'd prefer if you know both the technical and creative parts of making webpages, but the technical part is the primary part. If you've worked with communities earlier it's a plus in your favour.

Job 2: Backside developer (What's it called?)
Alot of Java, alot of data base, a shit load of systemization and architecture. You understand linux, know the differens between less and more, and you can overdesign a system in your sleep. Loadbalance, cloud computing and iptables.

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