lördag 2 juli 2011

No videos


I am sorry to say this since I kinda promised. But There will be no videos uploaded while I am in greece. I simply have not had time to record any videos theese last few days since there is alot of things that I've had to do.

Sorry for this, but it's only 10 days!

And there is a competition starting tomorrow! Don't miss it!

fredag 1 juli 2011


Episode 5 of the Let's Play was uploaded yesterday

Though I am having some trouble with youtube lately, one thing that really bothers me is that my videos doesn't get "submitted" to my subscribers, so you can't see it on you "first page" on youtube =( anyone have any idea why this is?

Anyway, today I am going across Sweden to watch an Iron Maiden consert in Gothenburg (Stockholm >> Gothenburg)! Therefore you will get your technical video tomorrow instead.

Also! on sunday I am going to Greece! to challkidiki to be precise. I'm going to be in greece from the 3rd to the 13th and I will therefore not be able to answer any messages I get during that time. Though I will try to have a few videos uploaded and on a timer so that you get videos even though I am abroad. How does that sound?

While I am in greece I'm thinking of having some sort of competition aswell. What would you like to win?