onsdag 29 juni 2011

LP tomorrow

Youtube went all wacko on me tonight so I'll upload the LP5 tomorrow.

Numera cinco

Hey hey!

Episode of my LP is uploading right now! it should be released (set on timer) at 21:00 CET which is in about 1.5 hours from now!

tisdag 28 juni 2011

What coming up?

Hey guys!

1.7 is coming soon, on thursday if we are to belive Jeb and Notch!

So what's in 1.7? let's just quote a tweet by Jeb

"1.7 will include pistons, shears, redstone repeater fix and fences on fences. It will not include the new lighting"

So what do we think of this? Well I for one love pistons! though it's going to be hard to make sticky ones since you will need slime balls... The Shear is going to be nice since you will be able to "defuse" tnt and pick them back up again if you misplace one. The redstone repeater fix I am not even sure what it is, I have not experianced anything wrong with them, have any of you guys? and then, fences on fences... LOVE IT! no more placing fance on to of block, destroying block to place fence beneth, MOAHAHAHAA!

I'll be sure to come out with a piston video on thursday!

måndag 27 juni 2011

No idea

I'm drawing blanks, I have no idea what to build at the moment. Do you have any suggestions of what I could make?

söndag 26 juni 2011


Hey guys!

Sorry for the slow updates but I have been busy celebrating midsummer here in Sweden. We gather around a big pole dressed in flowers and other green things, it kida looks like a penis...

And well, we tend to drink a tad bit to much so I haven't had the energy to update you ^^

Though I have uploaded some videos since the last post, the latest one is a tutorial of the combination lock that I used in the Death Track.

onsdag 15 juni 2011


Hey peeps!

Guess what? Yesterday Jeb (Mojang) put ut a video of the pistons that WILL be included in 1.7, WO motha f*cking HO!

You can watch the video below.

And one of the biggest differences I can see with the vanilla pistons compared to the piston mod is that you can NOT throw people, gravel or sand up in the air with the vanilla pistons as you could with the mod version. Good or bad? hmm haven't decided yet.

Another thing is that we finally have a use for slimeballs! to make the sticky pistons. A problem with that as that you (atleast I) don't come around that many slimes. And to get a decent ammount of slime balls you either have to find like a dozen small smiles or one really big one.

Don't forget that there is a new LP episode uploading tonight!

fredag 10 juni 2011

New video tonight

Yet another new video coming tonight. It'll be released at 20:00 CET (2,5 hours from NOW) and is based on a Etho contraption.

Between the 3k sub special and today I have released the second LP episode which way less people have watched, atleast so far. I think ep. 1 was at 2500 views after one week so we'll see what ep. 2 is on when I release ep.3.

I think that I'll atleast give the LP between 5 and 10 episodes and then see what the reaction to the series is in total.

Now I am going to go and melt somewhere, it's freaking hot in Stockholm.

måndag 6 juni 2011

3000 Subscribers!

Woho, I'm up to 3000 subscribers! I know I am the worst guy in the world to make specials... But here is a little thing for you!

söndag 5 juni 2011


As I mentioned yesterday I have made a new bank, Bank 2.0 so to say. And here it is!

Before bed update

Quick update before I'm hedaing to bed.

The bank video was released at 19:00 CET today, don't know how mamny has watched it yet, it got stuck at 302 views. Though I had quite a lot of "likes" on it!

Some people were claiming that I stole/copied their banks, which abviusly is NOT true. I made a prototype for the bank like the day after the boster tracks got implemented. I just haven't had the time to build a full scale bank until now. So everyone saying that I stole their design are WRONG, sorry but that's the way it is.

And I've been quite active on the fan-server today aswell. I've build me a cottage to live in and a PVP arena. A video about that will probably come aswell.

Time to sleep!

lördag 4 juni 2011

hmm what now

Okey so there were no fast updates from me, hehe.

I can inform you that I am currantly uploading a video that will be realeased at 19:00 CET. That's about 2,5 hours from when I am posting this.

I can also inform you that I am working on getting the server me and MedicAtk is renting up for more public use again, with more mods to prevent horrible stuff from happening.

And last of all I can inform you that I am invited to sort of a "fan-server" with Docm, Stephen, Etho and some other Youtube wierdos. I might be allowed to hold some sort of contest to let one or several of my followers to joing us on the server so keep an eye out on my Youtube channel!

onsdag 1 juni 2011


Okey so I'm back here!

I'll give more updates from now on, about all the shit that is Minecraft.

Starting... NOW!