torsdag 31 mars 2011

Smiley face

This guy indicates the spawnpoint of our temporary server.

onsdag 30 mars 2011


Okey so yesterday there wasn't much going on. Or, well, I always have alot of school related stuff to do but besides that I didn't do much. I played a little on the 3rd new SMP we started...

Let me explain. We have the project SMP where we have spent most of our time. But two nights ago we started a new server just cous we wanted to do something different for a change. That save went corrupt so we made another one. And when we played on that world the whole freaking server crashed on us...

So here we are on our third new world. We are all basicly crouching through the game since Esenex has become a crazy outlaw that runs around killing everyone.

And then I played around little with cannons again! last time was a disaster....

måndag 28 mars 2011

I give up!

Okey the upload fucked up.

And for those of you who doesn't know swedish... which I guess most of you can't is says:

"About 1337 minutes to go"

Hehe, funny!

World save movie

Hehe, I am uploading the world save movie atm... it's only 275 minutes left...

söndag 27 mars 2011

Zelda Textures

Hello everyone

Earlier today a friend of mine sent me a zelda texture pack. It wasn't very pretty acually, kinda ugly acually... But it reminded me of Zelda which I guess is nice!

But the best thing was this!

fredag 25 mars 2011

Youtube chanel background

Hello peeps!

At the moment I am at work, but it's really slow here atm.

Today I've been trying to update my youtube chanel with a new background. It's been tricky and I am not sure it looks okey yet either since I am sitting here with my small laptop. Anyone a nice fellah here on youtube made me a background and a banner for my chanel page, I'll credit him later when I am sure everything is looking OK.

The first problem was the size of the picture. Not the size as in how many pixels it was, rather the size of the save. Apparantly The backgrounds are only allowed to be 256K?! And both me and the guy who made it thought that it could be a few times bigger then that atleast. So he made a background that was 2,5GB big, hehe.

But that didn't work, so he made a low-res version for me to try and upload and that worked. The thing is, the low-res version is still bigger then those 256..... well well.

I'll solve that later somehow when I am at home!

And oh! don't forget to watch the presenation of my fellahs that's building the thingy with me.

onsdag 23 mars 2011


I'm working on a small video presentation of everyone that's been working on the project so far.

I'll upload it as soon as I can catch the last guy.

Movie #3

So here is a short movie where we remove the last freaking stone blocks at the dig site!

Soon finished!

Woho! as you can see we are soon done with mineing out the whole freaking thing!

tisdag 22 mars 2011

World save video coming soon

I've made a video of my main world save, and it got pretty fucking loong... Like 25 minutes or someting. Wonder if anyone ever is gonna take the time to watch the whole thing!

onsdag 16 mars 2011

Naked gay guy

The naked gay guy in our working crew, Varmkorx, just made a diamond hoe... it's his pimp-staff.

Who needs a diamond pick?

tisdag 15 mars 2011

Rolf-David's To Do List

I got some things I got to take care of, minecraft related stuff. Or rather, stuff that is related to my minecraft videos and publications, i.e. the blog and my youtube-chanel.

#1 Get a nice video intro for my videos, preferable 8-12 seconds long, something simple that spells "Rolf-David" in a cool way.

#2 A background for the youtube-chanel, with a connected header. The background doesn't have to look in any specific way, just as long as it's in the same theme as the header which should say "Rolf-David". Also gonna use the header for the blog as well.

#3 A new avatar that I can use on the forum and such.

Dunno how to fix all this though since I suck at video editing and I got no art skills at all, hehe. Anyone feel like helping me out?

söndag 13 mars 2011


As you might and might not have noticed there was no video yesterday, to tired after work. Perhaps later tonight.

lördag 12 mars 2011

At work.

-Hello everybody!
-Hi Rolf-David!
(Boring Simpson thingy, you know, Dr Nick)

Well well, enough with all the boring stuff. I am at work at the moment, and as you might have figured out I am really working hard... pff at this hours we got so few costumers that I can sit here with my laptop connected to my cell phone that's acting as a modem.

The Minecraft related stufff in this post is that I'lll try to make a video update of the project tonight. I don't know if I dare to let the other guys be in the video with their voices... they might just be shouting and try to ruin everything, hehe.

Back to work now! 1,5 hours left!


fredag 11 mars 2011

Before and after


Here I got a picture from MedicAtk today that was taken in the very beginning of the project.

You can see how we had marked out the parimeter, one third of the area was covered with water (a bitch to get rid of) and a whole lotta stone!

And now, here is what it looks like just a few minutes ago, Varmkorx just sent it to me.

And as you can see, it's a big, BIG! difference!

onsdag 2 mars 2011

Here is the picture

I am in the same library as yesterday, dunno why cous it's freaking coold... but it's really nice and quiet.

Anyway, here is the picture I didn't upload yesterday. Mowlai took this one from one of the corners of the build.

Forgot the picture

Hey guys, I've just left a mineing session with the friends since it's time for me to go to sleep now.

But three others, MedicAtk, Varmkorx and Mowlai is still going strong, they are probably just glad to get rid of me, hehe. And most of them have worked more then me on the project, I think I'll blame that on all the school work I have to do. I have a deadline that is due on friday at 12:00. And I am freaking out about it, it feels like me and my partner in the project is far from done.

Anyway, when I logged in to the server today I saw two huge holes that was not there yesterday. Varmkorx and Esenex had made a "chunk bug" each. And Varmkorx and MedicAtk have made two others earlier.

Chunk bug statistics:
Varmkorx: 2
MedicAtk: 1
Esenex: 1
Mowlai: 0
RolfDavid: 0

And ofc I forgot to put the picture that we took of the work site on my other computer but I'll post that picture tomorrow, I'll try to remember to put on my laptop before I go to school.

tisdag 1 mars 2011

Hard work work

At the moment I am sitting in the school library and über searching for facts about biofuels in both books and on the interwebz. At the same time I am trying to stop my stomach from making theese strange noices... It's totally freaking quiet in here and it makes this roaring sound. Like I had some injured wolf inside of me. People aint looking at me like I am wierd yet atleast, I'll hope they are to busy studiyng.

Minecraftwise I haven't done much lately. I made the tutorial of the new repeater block just after beta 1.3 went online. And after that I thought I would try and make a new bank, a improved bank. But I didn't have any iron to make the tracks and carts for it, and I don't have time to go mining for it right now since that would take alot more time.

Instead I have used that time working on the BIG project on the SMP server. Or we are not working as much as we are mineing... There is still ALOT of dirt and stone to get rid of before we can start the acual building.

This is me in school right now