tisdag 16 november 2010

Okey I didn't go to bed right away....

Bah I am still here, got stuck by the compure scrolling through the forum, hehe.

And I was watching some of the statistics of the blog, just for funsies and got some fun facts (I like statistics so for me they are fun!)

Web browser used:
Firefox 61%
Chrome 28%
Internet Explorer 5%
Safari 5%

OS used:
Windows 92%
Macintosh 2%
iPad 2%
Other Unix 2%

Visiting countries:
Germany 36%
Great Britan 26%
USA 21%
Canada 10%
Slovenia 5%
Australia 3%

No visits from Sweden! my country, argh. I have to spread the word better around me here at home, hehe. Anyway, this data is only collected from today. If I watch the overall data I can acually see that Sweden is the 3rd biggest visitor with about 13%. Only Germany and USA visits it more often.

Anyway, this time I am off to bed for real!

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