lördag 13 november 2010


Most circuits that I've made so far in minecraft are using alot of basic logic gates. But as you progress you will need more advanced gates such as flip-flops. So at the moment I am trying to learn what flip-flops are used for. The T Flip-flop is pretty much the only one I have ever used before in my builds where I want to open and close a door with the same button, and keep them open with the push of one button.

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  1. hey ive been struggling wit something, 3 input gates. lots of things require basically applying the same gate to 3 inputs and if i could figure out the rest things i make could be significantly smaller.

    3 input or = same as 2 input
    3 input nor = same invers output
    3 input and = addition of a not gate in the middle (i can provide a picture if necessary)
    3 input nand = same inverse output

    The biggest and most important I can't make is 3 input xor (therefore xnor also). any advice on making such a gate?

  2. Hmm, I haven't really considered the idea of a 3 input XOR and XNOR gate. ofc it's possible but I am affraid I can't give you an answer now. But I'll look into it later!