tisdag 30 november 2010


Puh I'm tired! I've been up since 04:00 today, freaking nightmare.

Anyway I've seen some interesting mods lately. I haven't used any of them since I belive that it could ruin the game for me, sort a like an addiction, that I will not be able to stop using them since it could make the game to comfy. But for thoose who can hadle it, here are a few interesting:

Kingbdogz mod
Is a mod which acually adds content to the game instead of just changeing things that are already in it. How about a lava bomb or a bunch of new dusts that you can craft things out of!

How would you like to have an unlimited amount of world saves to play on! and me able to give them names instead of the usual "World 1", "World 2" and so on. 

Do you use item editors while playing and building big stuff? tired of having to leave the game and perhaps even shut it down to duplicate items? No more with this mod! Here you can do it all while you are in game.

With this mod you will become cheff Ramsey himself! 

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