torsdag 18 november 2010


I finishde t´he maze yesterday! I sacrificed the football(soccer for you americans) between Sweden and Germany to get it done before I went to bed.

As I said I couldn't get it to work with the design I showed you in the last post. So I made a less esthetic solution to the problem... a big ass clock generator. With this BAG (Big Ass Generator) the pulse output from the generator is so slow that combined with the 3 T flip-flops you get a decent time to finish the track in. At thé moment moment you have about 26 seconds to get through the labyrinth, and if you know the way it takes about 18 seconds to run it. So you don't have a lot of time to get lost!

Here is the layout of the accual maze.

Here are the idea blueprints for the build.

And here is the video!

Time to plan my next build, whatever that should be!

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