söndag 21 november 2010

Next problem...

As soon as I finished the adder I started working on the obsticle course that i talked about erlier. The first room was very simple, you barly have to do anything there, sorta of a warm up. The second room you have some preassure on you since you can't be wrong to many times...

The idea for the second room was that I would put up 5 paintings on a wall. Then you would get a bow and 4 arrows in a crate. With the bow and arrow you were to shoot down the right paintings from the wall which would then land ontop of a preassure plate. When the paintings land on a preassure plate they acivate a redstone wire. And if you shoot down the right paintings, the door would open.

The idea is good, but since there are a few bugs in the game, it's quite unreliable. What happens is that the drawings sometime get stuck between two blocks on the way down and then never lands on the preassure plate.

Any ideas of how I should solve this?

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