tisdag 23 november 2010

Working health in SMP tomorrow!

So Notch posted today that he is going to make an update tomorrow that is gonna make the health in SMP work as it's supposed to which includes fighting monsters and other players.
The update was supposed to come today but Notch forgot to bring  the keystore with the private certificate key to the office.

He also did another post today reminding us about the texturepack competetion he's holding along with Webhallen. Where you can win a SSD drive, autographed ON the acual drive, funny place to do it. The winner will also recive the real painting of the new painting that's going to enter the game soon.

Here is a picture borrowed from Notch's blog, showing the progress so far.

The painters webpage can be found HERE
 (currantly down due to heavy traffic... It's been "Notched")

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