söndag 7 november 2010

My save

I've had a few requests on youtube and the official forums that I shiuld share my save, so here it is!

World Save

While I'm at it I can tell you that I have finished the newest lock prototype and will record a tutorial of it tomorrow.

I have also had a little fun with an OLD project. A few weeks back I made myself a binary counter that could count from 0-15, not very impressive I know, hehe, but I was in the learning stage of how you could use redstone! Anyway, my old prototype was manually used, ie you had to pull a lever every time you wanted to change the number. Today I added a clock-generator, a RS NOR latch(best thing!) and connected it so it's now fully automatical! push the button once and it starts counting and stops at 0 when it has completed a cykle.

Here is a nice pic of the sunset over my testing area

Over and out!

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