onsdag 17 november 2010

Official forums and Wiki is now part of the Curse group

Minecraft's official forums and the MinecraftWiki are both handeled by the same team of persons and moderators. And on monday (earlier this week) they were both included in the Curse group of fanesites!
The biggest benifit of this is that they will not be restricted by not having the hardware or founds necessary to expand.

This is quoted from the forum.

Today we'd like to announce that the minecraft forums and wiki are now part of the Curse group of fansites.

Curse is a gaming network designed to bring gamers and the games they love together in a whole new way. Curse is one of the largest gaming networks in the world,
and we're extremely excited to now be a part of that.

Being part of the curse network will now give us more room to grow the sites, and not be limited by hardware or funding restrictions. We'll also be able to provide giveaways and promotions for the community!

It's important to note that not much is going to change. The amazing team of moderators that keep this place sane will continue to be in the same roles that they are now. 

Over the next few weeks we will be migrating to some brand new servers, that will more than handle our capacity and provide us for some room to grow!

If you have any questions or concerns we urge you to use this topic to voice them. We'd love to answer any questions you may have.

citricsquid, Aera, & WedTM

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