måndag 14 februari 2011

New project


I just thought I'd log on and give you all a sneak peak of my new project that I started up today. I'm not telling you exactly what it is just yet cous I know there are alot of greifers out there and I want to get a head start! hehe

Anyway, me along with 4 friends sarted working on it today. The first part is mainly clearing out an area that is big enough. Luckely, there was an area on the server where one of the guys I am working with had dug out alot of sand for some pyramids he made a few weeks back, and also a mine underneath so it's quite hollow.

The friends I'm working with are Varmkorx, MedicAtk, SNXbear and Mowlai, and I'm ofc RolfDavid

Here is a picture of MedicAtk clearing out some of the are that we are going to need. Mowlai is there to and blew up some shit with some of his spare TNT.

And since work was really slow today, I made some bad ass post-it drawings and calculations!

This project will be documentet as good as I can, with video recordings and screenshots along with too much text that you won't read.

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