tisdag 15 februari 2011

Movie is made but not uploaded


Today I made the movie about the note block signal looping but I haven't upöoaded it yet. I played some HoN instead and my internet can't handle the upload speed of a HD video while playing a game... I'll upload it tomorrow morning.

And there were some progress in the project today as well, and some, I don't know if I would call it set backs, but there were some decisions that has to be made that we haven't really come to any agreement about. And cous of the greifers I can't tell you all about that either!

But here is a picture concerning one of the problems.

Another of my beautiful post-it drawings.

But as I said there were some progress as well, we've been mineing a bit, got a nice picture of that on my stationary computer, and we have also been draining a whole lake that happend to be in the way. So we have basicly filled the lake with gravel and sand (since they both fall to the bottom) and then we've dug it away.

Pictures and a small movie preview of this coming tomorrow.

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