måndag 7 februari 2011

New contest

I currantly have two ALPHA accounts in my pocession that I bought just before Minecraft went into the BETA-phase. Simpy because they were cheaper and you were promised to get all future updates for free, which you are not with a Beta account...

I bought theese so that I could give/sell them to friends of mine that sometime would like to start playing minecraft. Though it seems that all of my friends that would consider playing it already is, hehe.

Therefore I have two accounts that I have no use for, ofc I am not going to just give them away, someone has got to work a little to get it.

But I can notk figure out what kind of competition to do, the last one was a creative ingame contest where you had to build something christmas-like. So I am not going to do anything like that this time...

I could really use your ideas out there, give me a suggestion of what you think the contest should be about (possibly something you are good at yourself?)

1 kommentar:

  1. Maybe build a giant lighthouse with flashing lights? I already got one. :D And I have some friends I would love to give them an account.