söndag 13 februari 2011

Bad everything


I truly suck at giving you the updates I promise you. I really though I should have time to record the movie earlier this week but as usual the school work takes longer then I think I will. If you estimate that something should take X hours to finish, multiply it by Pi and you'll get a more accurate number, hehe.

Anyway I am, I promise you, going to do the tutorial of the noteblock looping. Perhaps tonight when I get home from work, or early next week.
I am also planning an event, or rateher a competition, a spleef competition. I am going to bribe a friend to put my main save up on his server for one day so I can hold the competition there. It's going to be a ournament pool kinda this where the looser gets kicked out oof the competition and the winner get's to continiu.
And I am also planning/just started working on a new project, a BIG project along with atleast one friend on a SMP server, I sure hope no Creepers are gonna walk inside and blow it up. But more about that when I start record movies and take pictures to show you guys.

Anyway, I'm at work now so I probably should go and do some stuff now rather then sitting here with my laptop in my knee.


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