tisdag 7 december 2010


Alot of you might not know what spleef is... perhaps you have seen my spleef arena on youtube, perhaps you have not.

This is the video of my spleef arena and it's features. I just noticed that this video too has reached over 1000 views! I like it!

And if you don't know what spleef is, here is a sumary that I have been lazy enough to just copy from the Wiki, hehe.

Spleef usually takes place in an arena or stadium. In the stadium, there is a series of blocks that form a flat surface, usually several suspended blocks in the air. Two or more players in the stadium choose their positions on the slab of blocks, and after a countdown, begin the game.
The goal is to destroy blocks near the opponent to cause them to fall, while avoiding suffering that fate yourself. Creating blocks during the playing of Spleef is not usually allowed. The time Spleef matches take depends on the size of the stadium.
Spleef can be played individually or in teams.

There are also some standard rules while playing spleef.

Spleef has several rules in order to maintain fairness and balance. Here is the complete list.
  • No creating blocks between the game's start and end, UNLESS the exception (1) scenario takes place.
  • Do not delete or create blocks after you have lost
  • (1) If 2 players at any point in the match are unable to affect each other (for example: they are on two sides of the arena and a ditch wide enough to make it impossible to jump across has been dug between both sides), then, only then, can the players build blocks
  • The losers must replace the blocks that were deleted during the game. Start replacing them when the time has ended. (OPTIONAL)
  • If you are playing a team match then use the blue or red Team Skins.

Of course you can use what ever colors you may like for the teams, in my video, the arena is made for one golden team and one iron/metal/silver team.

Download my world save (to the left of the blog posts), put it up on a SMP and play some spleef along with your friends!

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