måndag 27 december 2010


Okey so I promised I'll be back after Christmas, and here I am!

I am currantly uploading the third video tutorial of the basic redstone logic gates onto youtube. And since my internet it's taking longer then I'd like it to do...
I got my paycheck just before christmas, so I am thinking of putting away a specific ammount of money to upgrade my internet to the best I can get at the moment, but I'm not sure. Would  be nice to be able to host a server though, would any of you be interested in playing on a server hosted by be?

I haven't had time to check up on all the new stuff that's been posted on the forum during the hallidays but I'll try to get up to date as soon as I get back from work (at 22:30 tonight).

Any way, I have recorded up to episode 7 of the logic gate tutorials so I'll keep them coming with a day or two between them.

Over and out!

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