torsdag 23 december 2010

The competition is over!

My Christmas Competition is now over!

I have just had the two other judges, T-Bag and RB over to my place and we have decided who the winner is. He/She will be announced later today and I'll contract the person at the same time.

It was a very unanimous decision I must say.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Was he announced yet?

  2. how much later?

  3. Is his email or not?
    sorrry too anxious

  4. Calm down. I'm anxious, too, but rolf-david will tell us who the winner is.

  5. Ok I will try...
    just give me some Beta SMP servers lol

  6. I raged, destroyed the entire build I made, knowing it's ziped, with TNT. I feel worse than bad. Just like when you build something made of 10 billion blocks and someone comes and griefs it. It's because of the prize. Oh, here's the next free minecraft thing.. OH WAIT IT'S A ******* SHITTY STUPID *Click on all of those things and you get moneh then you get meincraft!!!* THINGS!!! AH GAH!...
    next one: Oh here is a first pos- OH WAIT SOME IDIOT POSTED FIRST!
    Oh wait here's one where noone posted let me post... Oh wait wth it's buyed after beta ****! Oh here is one buyed before beta... *clicky* wait what it's a contest? ok... *later* ok let's send this... *even later* WHAT THE ****
    that's how I feel now and what I bet will happen in next few days trying to find free minecraft, I wish I didn't even find this blog, it made my days worse.
    Also, screw Notch

  7. Hyper, your comments are so messy I can barly understand what you are saying.