tisdag 21 december 2010


First of all, can you see how early it is when I am writing this! it's freaking 04:37  and I've been up since 04:00. It's hard working the opening hours....

Anyway, there haven't been much minecrafting theese last few days. I haven't even had the time to see what the Beta is all about. I just downloaded it yesterday and went to bed.

The only thing Minecraftwise I have been doing is keeping up with the X-Mas Competition which is ending at December 23 for thoose of you who didn't already know what, You can find a link to the competition to the left, where you can read about how you do to enter the competition, cous it's not to late yet!

Well I am off to catch the Sub to work now, wish me good look!

Over and Out

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