fredag 25 mars 2011

Youtube chanel background

Hello peeps!

At the moment I am at work, but it's really slow here atm.

Today I've been trying to update my youtube chanel with a new background. It's been tricky and I am not sure it looks okey yet either since I am sitting here with my small laptop. Anyone a nice fellah here on youtube made me a background and a banner for my chanel page, I'll credit him later when I am sure everything is looking OK.

The first problem was the size of the picture. Not the size as in how many pixels it was, rather the size of the save. Apparantly The backgrounds are only allowed to be 256K?! And both me and the guy who made it thought that it could be a few times bigger then that atleast. So he made a background that was 2,5GB big, hehe.

But that didn't work, so he made a low-res version for me to try and upload and that worked. The thing is, the low-res version is still bigger then those 256..... well well.

I'll solve that later somehow when I am at home!

And oh! don't forget to watch the presenation of my fellahs that's building the thingy with me.

2 kommentarer:

  1. i have an answer for your problem message my youtube tag if you wanna now


  2. i had same problem too! but the youtube lies.. i have myself way over 1mb size background ;D like 1-2mb. it lies try it yourself. ;D