söndag 23 januari 2011

Sunday sunday sunday

I've been laying in bed for three straight days now. Barly even touched minecraft or a computer at all for that matter. And most of the time I've used my laptop was when I used it to watch movies while laying in bed.

But tomorrow it's the end of that, can't be at home anymore since I have to go back to school. I am going to take my bachelor exam this term. It acually started last friday, but some dumb fuck at school forgot to send in my name so I didn't find out what date I was supposed to start until tuesday... that's five freaking days after I already started for crying out loud! I am on a hunt for the man/woman responsible for that.

But as I said, tomorrow I'll take a few painkillers and head back to school for a lecture about something that I have not yet had time to find out what it is.

We have a deadline that is due on friday where we (me and my partnet on the bachelor) need to have done some sort of timeplanning and some other stuff. Hopefully that won't take to much time each day... And hopefully I will be able to finish the song I am working on in Minecraft aswell. I have laid ot all the bass tracks up until the solo of the song and about half of the guitar tracks up until the solo. So in total I've made 1/2 of the bass tracks and 1/4 of the guitar tracks.

Well now I am off to read some papers from the lectures I've missed so I'll be sort of up to date tomorrow.


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