söndag 16 januari 2011

Gotta shape up with the blogin'

I'm really sucky akeeping this blog updated, I've been that way all since my birthday like a mounth ago. I'll try to change that from now on and not only update with my new videos!

First news in this new chapter!

I have finaly gotten around to buy myself a faster internet connection. At the moment I am sitting on the fastest contection I can get to the house that I am currantly living in. Though, the housing association has decited NOT to put in fiber cables for some stupid reason... instead I am stuck with theese copper wire conections. well well, it's a lot better then before!

With this new connection, I will be able to host a server, if I can get a computer that will be strong enough to host it. I have picked in a 3rd computer that is ment to act as a server. Need to clear it from all the crap that currantly is on it first though.

Who want's to join me?!

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